Fuzzy distortion occuring just playing sounds with 10.5 and UR22mk2

I have a UR22mk2 and installed 10.5 (upgrade from AI). Using with two USB Roland keyboards, and Roland midi Bass pedals thru UR22.
I have been experincing a lot of nasty distortion happening from day one. Using now external Graphics card to drive 2 monitors, and turned Laptop monitor off. Spec of my Laptop is Processor Intel® Core™ i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 1.70GHz, RAM 8.00 GB. System 64-bit OS x64-based processor
Windows 10 Pro, Ver 2004 OS Build 19041.450. Experinece pak 120.2212.31.0. connected to UR22 Mk 2 Steinberg, Roland A49 - USB, Roland RD56 - USB
Roland PK5 - MIDI thru UR22.
Is there anything from this spec that might be the issue? The tech support at Scan.co.uk has been helpful, but Steinberg support has never responded to any of my request, going back 3 months. any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Can you hear the fuzzy distortion when you play the instrument or also when you record it and play it back? If only the first, then make sure the Local Control is switched Off on your synth.

Do I understand you right, you can hear it on the external hardware synth sound, right?