FX and Group channel issue

I have 8 tracks of drums going into a stereo group track.
I also have a fx channel with a reverb.
If I send the snare to the fx, using the sends everything is fine, until I lower the volume of the group track. The fx volume stays the same, which means that I have too much reverb.
Everything is set to pre fader.
Is there something I’m overlooking?

I would quite expect it to behave like that, because the level sent to the FX from the snare stays the same, just the group gets quieter.

There are two solutions from the top of my head:
A) route the output from the FX channel to the group track. Now if you lower the group level, the reverb level gets reduced, too. Now if you already have some dynamics processing on your group, that can affect the sound, too, but imho you can use that to your advantage, as it can help “glue” everything together.
B) QuickLink the drum group and the reverb track, so that if you move the fader of the group, the fx fader moves with it.

Personally, I always do A).


Thank you, I’m doing A too. I just thought I was overlooking some setting. I have 12 since a month. The last time I used Cubase, it was on a floppy in an Atari. This is something else! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you route the FX to the Group ?

That’s what I’m doing now. Thank you.

I would set everything to post fader,
so the sends change with the volume of the channel.

You can set VCA groups for some channels that need to change their volume together.

In live recordings, I have mostly mirrored the signals from the live board, so it is common to have Kick in and Out, Snare top and bottom…
Using VCA’s for snare and kick and a group for the drums and the fx makes it easy to blend the signals needed.

Sure, but the question was about lowering the group, not source tracks. So the answer is as Fese pointed out to output the FX track into the group.

And it was answered before.
Didn’t mention that it could be wrong or right. Just tried to make a different point on a particular aspect.

In fact, I meant post fader. Duh! Thank you. I am just looking for a magical switch or something in the many, many dropdown arrowthingies. It’s easy for old promising talents like me to overlook those things. And I want to minimize the number of tracks, that’s the main reason. I’m not a sound engineer. Yet, haha!

Of course you have a better overview the less tracks you have BUT…
I also had a several years long break in using Cubase. During my “comeback” I started to notice that, while tracks used to be a precious resource, nowadays every middle size project uses 100+ tracks. People just create tracks for everything and more. Apparently there are some using more than 1000 tracks in a project.
So, I decided to quit my old mindset and embrace the new possibilities. Learning how to deal with a lot of tracks is a skill I recommend to get (with practice). Don’t be shy to assign key commands to track and view management functions and bundle several functions into macros.
I now use folders within folders within folders. As soon as I have a couple of tracks playing something that belongs together I create a Group track for them and route them there. Then I route this Group to a “superior” Group, then to the next supperior Group and so on. Just ride the track count like you stole it.

Thank you for the encouraging words.
I used an 8-track recorder (7, one sync track) with an Atari for ages. I guess it’s burnt in my brain.
:slight_smile: :v: