FX/Aux channel several dB down!

I thought there was something funny going on so I’ve just created a few test FX channels and they’re variously down by 3-5dB. Both channel faders are at 0, there’s no gain and all inserts are bypassed (not that that should really matter).

How can this be? I though aux channels were supposed to be an exact copy…

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Could you share a test project, please?

Thanks for the reply, Martin. I created a test project and dropped a test tone in, set up the aux and… it was bang on. Damn! Project specific then but no: doing the same thing in my current project gave the same result.

Next I tried with an existing mono guitar track and now it gets interesting: in spite of creating a mono fx channel to match, that fx channel meter looks stereo - and it’s 3dB down.

So I created a stereo track and dropped a stereo file on it, sent it to a new stereo fx channel and guess what? Bang on!

This screen shot shows what I’m seeing:

DI Strum is a mono track in a mono channel, sending to mono test2. Note the stereo appearance of the meter. 3dB down.
DGtr is a stereo track in a mono channel, sending to mono. Again, the ‘stereo’ meter (which you might expect this time). 3dB down again. However, DGtr is panned left and when I pan it centre mono matches it. DI Strum doesn’t have this excuse, though…
stereo is the DGtr track in a stereo channel, sending to stereo. Bang on.

So where are we? Stereo Pan Law is set to Equal Power but how can that be affecting the mono example (DI Strum)?

Can’t quite make it out. Over to you, buddy…


Could you share the test project, please?

Hi Martin, thanks for having a look.

This test project that I’ve just re-created (using bounced segments of the project files) is not behaving as I was remembering (take the car to the garage… :confused:). The mono-mono pair is working fine but there is a difference: the Mono Gtr channel meters look stereo, whereas in the project they are definitely mono (i.e. a solid bar). I don’t know if this is relevant but to check I’ve just re-created the test2 aux channel in the project and it’s still down, with or without inserts, and yes I did remember to check the send level(!).

Meanwhile, back in the test project, I don’t understand why the Stereo Aux is behaving the way it is. A stereo file into a mono channel should come out as a mono signal and be visibly so in the aux, shouldn’t it? Instead all I’m getting is the left side.

I’m now going to go away and work out how to send you a trimmed down version of the project itself but I’ll post this in the meantime.

3dB down.zip (705.4 KB)

Right, this is a hacked down version of the actual project, showing the behaviour in the screen shot above.
3dB down excerpt.zip (574.1 KB)

Following further investigations, this thread has been re-launched here: Can anyone explain these levels for me please?
(And I think it’s been solved!)