FX bussing - using two stereo FX for quad

Could be just stuck on how I used to do this in Pro Tools - but let’s say I have two stereo Altiverb instances, one with an IR with the positioner set to a closer position and one with the same IR but the positioner set far - I want to set up a buss so I can use the multi-panner to pan left-right but also front-back. So I want to be able to create a 4-channel bus, but set it so it’s panning between the two plugins.

So I create a quad FX bus with no effect on it, output to no bus. Create two stereo busses, each one with Altiverb, one close and one far as described above, with the far one attenuated 6 dab , output to the stereo buss. Create two new stereo sends, each set to go to an Altiverb FX buss. In the quad buss, I instanciate the two new stereo sends. Under the panning for the sends when I select the send routed to the “closer” Altiverb, this brings up the MixConvert window. So I solo the front channels. When I select the send feeding the “far” Altiverb, I solo the surround channels. Now when I instanciate a send on an audio track (pre-fader), turn the channel fader down, select the quad FX buss, and choose the panning option, the VST multipanner pops up and when I move the position, it moves the sent audio among the front LR/rear LR.

Is there a simpler way of doing this? Aside from using a true multichannel reverb. Even if there isn’t - that’s one way of using the Cubase panner to move between a close and far positioner setting. Useful if you need to place a ton of inputs from an orchestra, for example.