FX Chain presets +folders

Newbie question-

In the pic attached you’ll see my fx chain presets. The left is where I save the presets into various folders.
On the right is how it appears when I load the presets, all of them together in one long list.

How do I get it to load presets from the folders & like I saved them instead of this one list ?


I’ve been wondering this too. I’d love an answer to this as well.

To add,

I tried saving ‘comments’ & nothing gets saved but the preset name itself.

you have to make some tag : in the mediabay & in the attribut inspector create a new filter name “FX Chain Type” :
Open “configure define attribute” on the top right & clic on the “+” now in “attribute type” choose “text” & for the name choose “FX Chain Type” clic OK.
Now you have a new filter that located in “Various” (in the filter menu), select it & for each subfolder you have double clic to wright the same name as your subfolder. now when you open the window “load FX Chain preset” clic on the bottom left icon to open the filter Windows & in the first column choose : “various/FX Chain Type” & now you have all the name of your subfolder that you can choose !

sorry for the so so translation from french !

Very helpful Home Studio 87,

I got up to certain point but am stuck, please see the att. pic. I don’t know what I should do next to get the folders to show up.
I tried several things but nothing seems to get me past the next step.

-thanks again for your help.

on the left image you only need one filter “FX Chain Type” let the other to “Empty” !
& on the right image double clic on the right of the Various “FX Chain Preset” & Write : “AD Drums” for all the preset of your “AD Drums” Folder and doing the same for each folder !

O.K., think I’ve got it now. The ‘Value’ = Folder name

Does the pic att. look correct now?

I also notice that an empty folder won’t work & needs presets in it to to show up, correct?
Working on a different DAW after all these years I sometimes expect it to behave differently.

Again thanks for the help. Your french translation was fine, the problem was on this end!.

yep you got it !

value=folder name
& yes empty folder can’t be seen cause there is no tagged files !