FX Chain Presets Problem

What lines do you delete? Does that mean you can now load the preset?

I deleted those lines

<string name="Editor Name" value="&#x90;&#xa8;P"/>

<string name="Editor Name 1" value="&#x90;&#xd4;&#xa7;P"/>
<string name="Editor Name" value="&#x99;@P"/>

Yes, I could load the preset and it worked as intended imo

I have the same issue.
Cant load my saved FX chain preset but I can load Cubases own FX chain Presets.

Was working fine in 9.5.3 but this updated messed this up and the mediabay ability to sync the audio properly to the project.

I am also having this issue. I cannot copy various Kazrog amp sims and impulse responses. Saving doesn’t seem to be an issue, but I am uncertain if the overwrite function works properly as I am unable to load anything. This doesn’t seem to be a consistent issue.

Still not working in 9.5.41 for some of the existing chains!

Did the same as I did after the 9.5.40 update as described in this post:
Result: Got the same files with cryptic content for some chains which didn’t load.

Tested further and rebuilt the chain with same effects and same parameters from scratch. That worked.
Just copying the effects from an existing channel to another and save the chain again did not work.

So, a lot of work for me ahead :cry:


As you can see in the Version History document, this had not been addressed in 9.5.41, do it’s the same as it was in C9.5.40.

Hi all,

Could you please confirm, you really create a new FX Chain preset in Cubase 9.5.41?

It’s known, that you can’t load the corrupted preset from C9.5.30. But a new preset shouldn’t be corrupted, when you create it in C9.5.40/41.


I can however confirm why I cannot load my fx presets. I was wondering what is going on and I look on the forum this exact problem. I have like 15 to 16 personal3 presets that you need quickly and cannot load them. For some reason if you tag it vocal or whatever it is besides the name sometimes you can load that one. But also no guarantee just and observation. Hope the fix is coming soon and yes this is a problem. I do not want a workaround or deleting stuff. I just would like for it to work as intended. It saves time period.

I just tried to save an fxchainpreset in 9.5.40, and tried to load it in a new project and it didn’t work. When I looked at the xml file for the “<string name=“Editor Name”…” line, I found multiple lines where the corresponding value was corrupt.

There were several instances of the above mentioned line but changing them/deleting them had no effect.

Just found same problem here, today.
Working with 9.5.40.
Using old fxchainpreset works fine, creating new ones don’t. The file is created, placed in the right folder and accesible on the menu but as everybody is mention, has no effect when I try to load it.
I test several possibilities (like create in one project an load in same, in other, etc).

(One thing I tried was to rate the preset (with the stars). They cannot be recorded. If I rate for example with 5 stars, as soon as I open the menu agai, there is no stars, maybe this is giving some technical tip)

I’m really hoping this gets resolved. I’m in the middle of mixing an album. And none of my previous or new effects chain presents will load. That’s not good. It adds so much time onto mixing

Same problem here on cubase 9.5.41. Loading an Fx chains created recently (cubase 9.5.40 or 9.5.41 do nothing).

Windows 8.1 64 bit
32Gb Ram

Annoying bug

I’ve tried opening a project from 9.5.41 and saving the fxchainpreset in Cubase and the problem is still there.

Same here 9.5.41. .Cannot load fx chains. no error messages, fx chain just does not load.
Big problem currently for me, going too with screencaptures for now…

I rebuilt all my chains from scratch after the release of 9.5.41 and it is working as expected. Also in Cubase 10. I know it may be a lot of work for some, but I’m happy I did that and I can use it as intended now.

I’m glad to hear this.

Is there any news of when this will be fixed? or we will be forgotten in 9.5 as now is Cubase 10 released… ? :confused: :neutral_face: :unamused:

I have the same Problem in Cubase since Cubase 10. I cannot save any fx chain preset.
It’s still not working in Cubase 10.0.10.
If I manually replace the “editor name” Value with the broken charactes bei “editor”, the preset loads
(e.g. -> )

Hello, same problem here…Where can I edit : string name=“Editor Name” value=“editor” ??

Sorry I mean saving is ok, but recalling any Preset made out from 9.5 or 10.0 into another project, in any window does not work :frowning:

In the stored XML FIles. In the save dialog there is an right-klick option “open in Explorer” or something like that, where you can find the location.
For me it’s C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets.