FX Chains newby question

Moving from Logic to Cubase. Cubase’s plugin manager is very similar to Logics and it’s great. But I’m struggling with the FX chain presets in Cubase. In Logic they work like the plugin browser, you can organise them the way you like in folders which you can name. They then appear like that in the browser. In Cubase it seems you have to find all your saved FX chains by tags? I have to problems with that. One is that none of the tags provided work for me. Can you make your own tags? Is there another way to categorize them like you can with the plugin manager? I’m finding the tagging system pretty much impossible to work with. :slightly_smiling_face:


search in Studio the option plug-in manager. On the right hand you will be able to create folders containing plugins you want to organize.

Edit: never mind, sorry, I think I misunderstood what you want. You were already in plug-in manager. It is sure my problem, but I don’t know what a tagging system is.

You can create User Attributes in the MediaBay Attribute Inspector with which you can organize/search for presets.

  • Open MediaBay (Media > MediaBay, not right zone)
  • Enable Attribute Inspector in the Window Layout
  • Select preset
  • Press the Defined button
  • Press the Configure Defined Options button (cogwheel)
  • Add User Attribute (+ button), three options (Text, Number, On/Off)

I don’t think you can specify User Attributes for presets when you save them, you have to add them manually afterwards (though you can specify multiple presets to add the Attribute to at once).

You can choose to filter by the User Attributes in I think every view with filters.

It seems like a rather troublesome venture, however.

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Thanks Paka for the incredibly clear explanation! I’ve started making custom tags as you described and I can see them in the MediaBay but they don’t show up in the FX Chain dialog when I go to save and FX chain. How can I get them to appear there so I can use them to tag my FX Chains? Thanks.

You’re welcome.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way to change the Attributes shown in the save dialog’s Attribute Inspector. So you have to add them in MediaBay after having saved the preset.

Thanks, actually I’ve now realised that I can just use the media bay for managing and loading my fx chains so I don’t need the fx chain dialog.

Anyone happen to know where the media bay tags are stored so I can share them with another computer?