FX changes are not being applied immediately

So today I started noticing something weird and extremely annoying, changes made to effects are not being applied immediately (anymore? :confused:).

Plase see this screenshot:

I have two audio samples on my track and a dual filter in the inserts. Half way between the two samples the filter position is changed using automation, so far so good, the UI shows that the position changes as expected, however when the second sample plays, the filter change kicks in after the sample started playing, so I get a high clicking sound, resulting from the short unfiltered audio, as can be seen in the mixdown track.

And when I now rewind the playhead and restart playback, the same will happen to the first sample, just the other way around, ie I end up with the first few milliseconds being filtered.

I know that automation isn’t sample accurate, but this seems to be a little different, there’s way enough time for the changes to apply, also changing the ASIO buffer only seems to affect how much this “delay” spontaneously varies:

(mixdown-04 to 10 using a 100+ms buffer, the other ones a ~10ms buffer, which doesn’t differ much from the minimum possible 2ms buffer).

My sytem looks like this: Cubase 6.0.7 32-Bit, Windows 7 x64, 8GB RAM, EMU 0404 PCIe

So, does anyone know what might be the problem here?

test-fx-changes.zip (139 KB)

I can’t seem to replicate you result.
How exactly are you doing the mixdown?
Have you tried automating different plugins instead of Dualfilter?
You can eliminate the soundcard from the equation by setting it to “no driver” in device menu (you’ll hear no sound, but the mixdown will still work and you can check visually)…

Sorry, I thought the export settings were stored with the project, please see the screenshot for details:

I haven’t checked all plugins yet, but some, and I can tell that others are affected as well, for example the output level of StudioEQ or the Flanger mix.

I’ve tried it with no and other audio drivers and it’s exactly the same result, interestingly even with no audio driver the ASIO buffer setting is still affecting this in the same way, so maybe this is connected to the latency compensation in some weird way :confused:

Hmm… Those are the same export settings that I tried.

You could try ticking the “real time” box to see if that makes any difference.

You could also try recording the audio to a new track via a group (create a group, set your “source” track’s output to go to that group, then create a new audio track and set its input to be from the group. Then hit record…)

Other than that, I’m stumped :confused:

Same results unfortunately.

I’ll try the demos of the newer Cubase versions to see if this is maybe a bug that was fixed - I kinda hope it’s not, since paying for bugfixes really sucks.

Thanks for trying to help so far :slight_smile: