FX channel issue

I set up an fx track as a send to add reverb to a vocal. When I sent the vocal to the fx channel and applied the reverb it was so loud I had to turn the vocal down to -35. And it was still quite loud. I took the fader down to -0 and I could still hear the vocal. The song is a ballad, vocal and piano, so it’s not loud to begin with. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. When I tried usiing the reverb as an insert on the vox track it seemed to work fine and blended with the mix.

Just to be clear, on your vocal track you have made a Send, that goes to a FX track that has a reverb.
That reverb is set to 100% wet, so that only reverb is added and not additional Dry signal ( that would only make the signal louder)?

Set the send to post fader, and the reverb mix to 100% wet.

is there an OUT knob on the reverb? could you have somehow turned it up?

if there is, match the levels of the output to that of the input.

It wasn’t on 100% wet. That solved it. Thanks for the advice.