FX Channel Multiplies Gain

I’m probably missing something very simple here… I’m sending from an audio channel to an FX channel and the gain multiplies with each FX channel added, even if the FX channel is blank (no effects). What am I doing wrong?

What is the Send level to the FX Channel? Even if nothing is assigned on the FX Channel, whatever signal is being sent to the FX channel will be heard at Stereo Out (assuming the FX Channel is routed to Stereo Out). Also check if the send is Pre- or Post-Fader.

The send on the audio channel is set to 0dB.

You are not doing anything wrong, you are sending an additional signal.
Make sure that the plugin on the fx channel is set to 100% wet, any dry signal will just add more signal/volume.

OK I understand now. Mine was a rather elementary question, so thanks for the patient replies. I just didn’t understand why an audio clip of some drums suddenly became huge after I sent it to an empty fx track!