FX channel not exporting stems the way I want

I have a song I’m working on. I have an FX channel with an EQ in it, and I have this assigned to 2 guitar tracks. It sounds great in the mix, but when I export the stems, I have the audio tracks that sound like nothing is applied, then the FX track is applied, but only one track and playing down the center.

Is there some setting in the send that I should using so that the EQ is applied to the audio track when exporting the stems?


If you want to apply EQ to an audio track, you should think about using it as insert FX. Otherwise it will not get applied to the audio track itself, but to the bus that contains a mix of the adio track and the FX track.

interesting… ALL the tutorials I’ve found online show them attaching to the send. I will check to see, but is it possible to apply a master efftect to multiple tracks as an insert? I don’t recall seeing that, but will check today-


EQ as send? In general rather not I ´d say.

Sure, the just need to go to a common bus, where the imsert is applied.