FX Channel routing only to Stereo Out?

How do I route FX Channels to Group Channels? I can’t seem to route them anywhere else than Stereo Out.


The same way as you route an Audio track. In the MixConsole - Routing.

Always a good idea to post your used software.
You´re certainly not using Cubase Pro then, or you are creating a feedback loop.

It doesn’t show any other option than Stereo Out. Is this really a limitation of the Artist version?

On the Mixer select the FX channel and right-click, then create a group channel for that track. I don’t know if this is a something the Artist Version does not do, but I’d think it unlikely it does not.

Thankyou sir! That worked.

However if I open the routing options again and choose Stereo Out, I permanently lose the option to route it back to anything else, including the group. Most likely not intended, but come on already!

you can not route anything “back” into Cubase it’s a ONE WAY STREET eventually to the Mixbus, by design.

The signal isn’t going outside Cubase or anything. I’m just trying to test different outputs for my FX Channel. Shouldn’t it be possible by just opening the output routing window?

  1. Create an FX Channel.
  2. Route it to a Group Channel by right-clicking on it and choosing “Add Group Channel to [FX Channel name]…” A new Group Channel is created.

It works now, but let’s say you’d like to try different things and route the FX Channel to different Group Channels, for different kinds of results.

  1. Open the FX Channel’s output routing. See that only “Stereo Out” and “left” and “right” are available. Choose one.
  2. All other routing options are now gone. You cannot even choose the previous Group Channel again because it isn’t there anymore.

I can tell you that it works fine in Elements 9. I can route any FX channel to any output or group.

Instrument channels and audio channels can go into group channels
Group channels can go into other group channels or outputs
Outputs can be recording sources
FX channels don’t have an input, they get fed by sends. And cannot be used as recording inputs for audio channels

Thanks for confirming. I can’t imagine it being anything else than a bug in Artist then.

It may be that your groups have a send set to the FX channel, in which case you can’t route the FX channel ‘back’ to those groups. Even if a group’s send is not activated it will still stop you creating a feedback loop by not showing the group in the routing list.


Check the options for Direct Routing/Summing Mode. This may be an instance where the Artist and Pro versions differ. I’m not sure. I don’t see why options would go away like that.

In general, Cubase allows many FX channels and Group channels to be added to a track – Audio, Instrument or Synth Output, those Groups or FX channels can them, themselves, be sent to other Groups for sub-mixing and, finally after all the twists and turns, arriving at the Mix Bus (group track) and Stereo Out. Cuebase offers tremendous flexibility in routing. Just keep the signal flowing to the final Mix Bus and stereo out.

I sometimes use Groups as “patch chords” if I want to create a sub-mix of several tracks into a single rendered audio track, but mostly I just create groups and fx channels so I have more control over the major parts of the project.

This is a function that has been on my mind for a long time, and I was happy to stumble across this topic and find a way to do what I’ve been wanting to, namely route an FX output into a group, for example a snare reverb into a drum group.

I had always assumed that this was not possible, as I had noticed that when I would edit the channel setting for a reverb track for example, and click the output box, the only thing ever available was Stereo Out L R.

Now by right clicking in the mixer on the desired FX track I can create a group track for that FX which I can then route to any group I desire.

Thank-you Stephen 57.

It works but it seems somewhat redundant to have to route an FX track to a new group track in order to route it to an existing group track.

I wonder why FX tracks cannot be routed to any pre-existing group track without the intermediary?

Then it would make more sense to me not using FX channels at all, and use Group channels instead ?

Direct routing available only in Cubase Pro.
So, if I already setup my group channels as different buses for output, then I cannot use " Add Group Channel to [FX Channel name]…" as PhantomGlass mentioned.

The workflows are that much as engineers. The only way to route FX channel to existing group channel is to create dummy audio track, select it and the FX channels you need to route, click QuickLink and select group from drop-down list on that dummy audio track. I use that way and no problem.

Of course I am in a half way to purchase Cubase Pro, but until then some things should be used through backside :slight_smile:

I like the FX channels because the effect can be added when the track is created. I’d prefer that we could add more than one effect at a time, but that’s a current feature request. I think it’s logical and traditional to keep FX and Groups separated like the program does it. Don’t you? The Groups and FX Track system is great, imho.

That sounds like a good work around. It sounds like you’d benefit from the Pro version and actually know what to do with it. In the meantime, as long as you’re getting things routed from and to the places you want them to be, you’re fine. The final mix exporting is also stronger in the Pro Version, so you’ll find you may want to think about strategies for that. Others have posted on that. Good luck and I’m glad you found some working methods.

Audio Tracks and Groups can be used as patch points in the signal flow, one of the very nice things about how Cubase works.