fx channel routing?

hi as the title suggests i’m having some problems! basically I have a rhythm guitar track panned hard left,i wanna send that to an fx channel put some reverb on it and pan it hard right so that the guitar is left but the reverb is right(like a mirror image) when i set up the group fx channel and i try to route the audio there it just says no bus,stereo out,left,right etc! any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanx Sam :slight_smile:

What exactly is a “group fx channel”…?

now what ars you doing - change the routing or use sends? and where dpes it say what?

sorry i mean’t the fx channel track! :-p all i wanna do is send my guitar track to it and then pan the reverb to the right,whilst my guitar stays left so that i can get a little bit more “room” sound on my guitar! :slight_smile:

i’ve actually figured it out! thanx for your help!! :slight_smile: i had the fx level turned down! :-p