FX Channel send to FX channel sidechain insert not possible?

I made a composite kick drum from three samples whose outputs are routed directly to an FX channel. I then set up a compressor fx channel and sent the output of two bass synths directly to that in order to have them sidechained by the kick FX channel.


The sidechain input does not appear to be an option when choosing a send for the Kick’s FX channel. Is my only option to insert a compressor for the individual bass tracks? Im just trying to save CPU by making one compressor do the work for two channels.

A simplified version of my question is can ONE compressor work as a sidechain unit for multiple audio tracks? Or do you have to insert a compressor to each track you want sidechained?

It is definitely possible. Seems like it should be working from what you’ve described.

Create a group track and route the 3 kick tracks to that group
Create another group track and route the 2 bass tracks to that group
Insert a compressor on the bass group and activate side-chain
Send the kick group to the side-chain