FX channel to Group

W :cry: hy can’t I route a FX channel to a Group channel? If I can, please somebody tell me how.

Route the output to the group instead of your standard out

Pretty sure this particular isn’t possible.

Workaround: Replace these FX tracks with groups which can function exactly the same and which can be routed to a further group.

It is.
Given we’re talking about Cubase full version, which is what the signature of the OP says, and you’ re not creating a potential feedback routing

Thanks Guys :smiley:

I searched for hours and hours … and found the solution!

You can route FX to a group, “provided that these will not lead to feedback” as stated in the manual. So make sure you remove and clear all sends on the group track you want to direct it to. I know see that is what thinkingcap stated as well, oops. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you could use Group tracks as sends but then you lose this functionality as stated in the preferences (VST section): “Connect Sends automatically for each newly created Channel”

Let me know if it works!