FX Channel track presets can't be drag'n'dropped into project

How to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Add an effect track
  3. Add any insert effect to the track (i.e. PingPongDelay)
  4. Right click on track, and click 'Save Track Preset…"
  5. Save the track preset under any name
  6. Create a new empty project
  7. Open Media Bay from the right panel
  8. Click ‘User Presets’ → ‘Track Presets’ → ‘Audio’
  9. Drag the saved track preset to track list
    → Result: nothing happens

Trying to create the effect track by using the ‘Use Track Preset <!>’ button does not insert effect tracks either. Adding an effect track, and using the ‘Preset Manager’ button from the ‘Inserts’ list, selecting ‘From Track Preset…’, and selecting the track preset from the list DOES work however.

Cubase 11.0.20 Build 371
Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 Build 18363


As far as I understand, you created FX Channel Track preset, not Audio track Track preset. There fore you cannot import it to the Audio Track.

I would agree but I’m not importing anything into an Audio track. I’m trying to create a new FX track from the saved FX track presets, which for some reason, are visible in the Media Bay under ‘User Presets’ → ‘Track Presets’ → ‘Audio’. This leads me to believe that these can actually be drag’n’dropped into the project as new tracks, not into an Audio track, just like other track presets.

Since they are not Audio track presets:

  1. Why do they show under Audio track presets in Media Bay?
  2. Why then isn’t there a category in the Media Bay for FX track presets where they could be drag’n’dropped from?

And why can’t they be instantiated via the ‘Using Track Preset…’ context menu option nor the ‘Use Track Preset <!>’ button either? They show as ‘TrackPreset Audio’ in there.

So what are they?


What is your expected result in fact? Would you expect to add a FX Channel?

Well I don’t know about you, but I would think the logical expectation is that an ‘FX channel’ is created and it will be an exact copy of the ‘FX channel’ from where the preset was made from, being as the preset was created by opening the context menu on an ‘FX channel’ in the Project window and selecting ‘Save Preset’.

At least this is exactly what happens when an ‘Instrument channel’ track preset is saved in a similar fashion, and drag’n’dropped from the MediaBay. Or when they’re created via the ‘Using Track Preset…’ context menu option, or the ‘Use Track Preset <!>’ button.

At the moment, drag’n’dropping does absolutely nothing even though the mouse cursor shows that it could dropped into the track list of the Project window, and it even shows the green line in the track list where it would be created.

I might be completely wrong here since I don’t know the inner workings of Cubase, but I would guess that the fundamental problem is that ‘FX Track Presets’ are categorized as ‘Audio Track Presets’ by Cubase, judging by the fact that they end up under ‘Track Presets’->‘Audio’ in the MediaBay. And of course drag’n’dropping them in this case doesn’t work since Cubase expects the internal data of the preset to be compatible with an ‘Audio Track’, which it isn’t, obviously.

So… anything?

Have you been able to reproduce the issue?


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Any news from steinberg on this issue?

Wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Sup dude I was just having this same issue. I found how to make it work.

  • Create new fx track.
  • In the mixer window right click on the fx track and go to “Load Track Preset”
  • Select the fx track preset you previously had saved and voila!

I was having no luck trying to get it to work any other way, figured this might work and it did! Hope that helps

I followed your steps (and some ‘variations’) and on my system (PC with Win 11 Home, Cubase 11.0.52) it works. I can create the ‘presetted’ FX track from Media bay and from the ‘Insert Track’ dialog.