FX channel tracks can't route to groups!

I don’t get any audio from the FX Channel though. if I understand you correctly, then i do in fact have it set up correctly, right?

can I not use FX channels with Elements 8?

from what I can see - yes. If you get no signal - Didi you activate the send and set a send level

Yes you can, they just have limited output routing and sends capabilities, compared to for example groups and audio tracks

I don’t know. How do I do that? I have tried contacting Steinberg support but no response yet.

I thought that I was doing this when I selected the desired channel as an input (as indicated to the left of the “top middle part of my screenshot” that you referenced?

You should really read the manual it is explained there. Explaining basic signal routing is not a task for the steinberg support

Just to say thanks for that, vic_france! I’d been struggling with that in past weeks and am pleased to see there’s such a simple solution.

To add on: for those (like me) who’ve already created a whole bunch of tracks with useless sends that are preventing ideal routing and want to get rid of all those sends, a simple option-click on the top of that rack should prompt you to erase them in one go.