FX Channel

I cannot send recorded material from an Audio Track to an FX Channel
I can send a live instrument signal through an Audio Track to an FX Channel, so the routing is all ok.
What am I missing, or is this something Cubase just doesn’t do? Seems odd that it wouldn’t.
Any help most appreciated, thanks!

Of course cubase can do that.

So … I have an external hardware send and return setup in Connections. I have a send setup in an Audio Channel directed at the FX Channel, which in turn has the external hardware unit as an Insert Effect. All this all works fine with an instrument played through it. What do I have to change to get the a recorded signal from the same Audio Channel into the FX Channel? I have searched the manual, and cannot find any reference to this. Thanks.

You didn’t mention it was an external FX in your first post.

Anyway it shouldn’t make any difference, so you are saying it works when in record monitor but not on playback?

Sounds like you may have the monitor button still on?

Doh! It wasn’t actually the monitor button, I did have that turned off. But it was something just as dumb!
Apologies to Split for wasting his time. I’ll get my coat now. :blush: