fx channels and plug ins

I recently upgraded to windows 8 and the latest upgrade for cubase 7. Will this of affected the VST Plug- ins?
Cannot seem to get the working on an fx channel, however they are there in AUDIO. Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas. :slight_smile:

If they were DX plugins they won’t work unless you use a 3rd party wrapper/effect chainer.

Have you “told” Cubase where the plugins are located?

Thanks for getting back to me, really appreciate it. They are VST plug-ins. Trying to get Reverence working in an fx channel. How do I tell Cubase where the plugins are located, I think that could be the problem. Best, Sam

You shouldn’t need to tell Cubase where reverence is located as it’s a Steinberg plugin…and if it works in audio tracks it should work in fx track exactly the same…post the steps you are trying and exactly what the problem is.