FX Channels - Compressor question

Cubase Elements 6, Win 7

I have a vocal recording of a narration. This is a stand alone, mono recording. There are a few high/low points within the track, so I need to compress it and get everything within the same dynamic threshold. This was recorded without any FX items enabled, so I’m doing the compression post recording.

I have the FX Channel enabled and I have the Compressor selected. When I listen to the track with the compressor in place, I like what I hear. My problem… I can’t figure out how to apply the compressor to the saved file.

The Process items, like Noise Gate, Gain, Normalize, etc., all have a ‘Process’ button. Highlight the area you want to update, click Preview to confirm, then Process to apply it. Works great. I can’t figure out how to do that with the FX Channels though. I can preview it, but I can’t apply it.

What am I missing?



If you want to control the dynamic range of an audio recording, you don’t need or want to be using an fx channel. That will add to the signal and cause a confusing result. You want to process the audio - passing it through a compressor.

First get rid of the fx channel, next put a compressor into the Insert part of the audio channel in any one of the top slots. Don’t use bottom two as these are post fader.

Setting up the compressor will change with the level of the voice, but as a starting point with Cubase inbuilt compressor, try setting ratio to 4/1 with soft knee and auto switched on. Adjust the threshold so that the meter shows, say 6db of level reduction on the loud bits. This will lower the loudest audio by 6db, adjust to achieve a sound that is natural, but keeps the level steady. Finally, export the file using Audio Mixdown.

Good luck