FX channels & Pan L/R

I am trying out the Cubase 7.5 trail version kindly can anyone tell me when I use the effects channel than I am not able to pan left or right why is this? for example I have two channels and I want to insert the same effect on both channels via FX channels I want to pan one channel to left and the other right but it’s not working. I have sent a pic to explain my problem please correct any mistakes I made on the send outs or anywhere else.
I want to get a better understanding on how to use the FX and Group channels is there any You tube links to help me do this? please click on pic for a larger image

Your pic isn’t explaining much…just explain clearly what you want to do…not how you think you should do it but the end result you want to achieve.

Oh come on its not rocket science its less complicated …… I just want to know how to use channel FX because when I insert channel FX than I am un able to pan Left and Right other channel .

Oh come on its not rocket science its less complicated

Then I’m sure you’ll work it out…good luck.

Actually, this is not all that easy to work out. It might be explained in this thread:


I ran into this just yesterday (I’m fairly new to Cubase). Setting up send panning in SONAR is dead easy. In Cubase, it’s far from intuitive (I’m not at my DAW, so I haven’t even been able to see if the solution in the above referenced thread is correct).

you need to open up the channel edit, and click on the tab where it says ‘panning’ in the picture.


and i agree it’s kind of convoluted, afaik not accessible via the inspector. cubase’s gui lacks any consistency from a novice’s POV…

Is it possible to pan the sends from the mixer?

Like this:
Studio One - Send Level and Pan.JPG
PS. What is consistency? :wink:

Try preferences>vst> link panners. That how I do it and it works for me. I use fx channels a lot and it took me a while to find it in the manual.

Why do novices start with Cubase? Entry level = Cubase Elements

Think of FX tracks as Aux sends. You are really tapping the main signal to an alternate path. So if you think about it, you don’t want to pan the stereo aux (well you do sometimes, but not in the scenario you described), you want to pan the audio that is going to the aux. So, your brain should be thinking about looking at the tracks that feed the Aux (FX Track) not the FX track itself. So, “Sends” … Sends have pre/post and pan options.

That’s a given (in this case*). The point is that the independent panning of the source tracks to be fed to auxes is only available somewhere in the gui, and not accessible from most places.

  • quite a few reverbs arent true-stereo, and you need to be panning the aux output, it’s quite common.

where else but the GUI would it go? :laughing: … just kidding, I know what you mean. However, it is directly available and easy to locate on the channel editor for the sending tracks, which in the case he described is where he should look.

  • quite a few reverbs arent true-stereo, and you need to be panning the aux output, it’s quite common.

In this scenario all the GUI in the world doesn’t help on the send side. There is not way to get his desired outcome with a single FX channel and non-“true” stereo Reverb. I put “true” because it can have multiple meanings. A true stereo reverb may still not have discrete channel pan … which is not a Cubase issue. Again though, the Channel Editor for the FX track can be sent to an alternate VST out pair so that you can get dual mono panning on the aux.

what i mean is… the gui mirrors controls on the inspector, in the channel edit, and in the mixconsole, but the panning for sends is only found in the channel edit, which is inconsistent.

Yeah, I knew what you meant … I was just teasing. And it is inconsistent other than send pan has always been in a sub-menu. In C6 it was much easier to get at for sure because it was part of the main channel edit page. No tabbing.

I’ve been trying to work this out for a long time as I like to use Guitar Rig. But the only way so far I know is the put the effect on each track. And as everyone knows this eats up the CPU. So to use Guitar Rig as an fx channel would be perfect. I tried it but then realised that you cannot pan the fx channel.

So after a long web browse and thinking I’ve found a way to run Guitar Rig once and use on different tracks :smiley:

I quickly recorded this video to show what I did.

It has no proper audio explanation. But basically you create an input bus and add guitar rig to that. Then when you create your audio guitar track you select the input bus as the IN. The video shows it clearly. You can use the input on tracks and also pan the track which is the main purpose! Let me know what you think.

My problem is panning a 5.1 or 5.0 or quadro channel into a 5.1 output.
Not possible. No workarounds. Why? Or am I missing something?

For instance if you were using a 4.0 Verb and wanted to collapse it - just a little bit - into the center or toward the rear . . .
I compose and arrange in 5.1 by default (doing Audio Post and also allows allows me to hear individual elements more clearly - always depressing if I have to mix to Stereo for the final) and this is an issue.

This thread seems to be about:
Panning a channel send into an FX channel - which is possible though maybe hard to find.
Panning a Stereo Effects channel into the main out - also possible . . so I’m not sure what gpatluk is having this problem:

. . . except he appears to be using Cubase 6.x and I can’t remember what you can do there.

But with a 4 or 5 or 5.1 FX or Track you cannot pan into anything. You only get an up or down mix.
Also you cannot pan (via the routing tab) a 4 or 5 or 5.1 into an Effects or Group Track.

Again . . am I missing something?
Or is this just a feature SB left out of Cubase?
Surely it’s possible with Nuendo?


For me, my control room was set to mono. I clicked mono and switched to stereo in control room.