FX for a single drum

My project has a drum track with a HALion drum set. Is it possible to route snare + side stick to another effect for having more reverb on them?

I have Cubase 5.5.2 (64-bit).

You could always run 2 separate instances of Halion, one for just the snare/rim and the rest in the other instance. You can then apply effects separately.

Are you referring to HALion One? I’m pretty sure you can route individual samples in HALion 3, but HALion One is a pretty ‘untweakable’ sampler. I don’t think it can be done. I’d probably record the samples in question to audio and either give them their own audio tracks or load them into Groove Agent ONE.


But isn’t it possible to use some filter (like Transformer midi fx) to route some keys to another midi channel and put reverb or separate HALion One with reverb on that channel? I’ve tried this today but can’t make it work.

No, because audio FX like reverb are applied to audio tracks, not MIDI.

But can’t I have two separate instances of HALion One with different reverbs connected on them and route some keys from a single track to another HALion One instance?

Look at post #2. Just take each track you want separate and apply it to it’s own instance of HalionOne and add the preferable effects.

As Suprawill says, that was already mentioned by Strophoid some threads ago. You should actually read the answers you get.

Yes, I read the answers but I’d like to have all the drum set in a same MIDI part (for usability reasons) and this far I’ve understood that it is not possible to route notes from a single MIDI part to different HALion One instances.

Anyway, thank you for the answers!

Sorry so then it´s me who should actually read posts correctly - apologies :blush: . That does work with MIDI sends channel filtering and transformer inserts, but IMHO is a lot more convoluted than simply dissolving the MIDI part.

Yes, using channel filtering will get the job done. I used it to do the opposite. I wanted the separate drum keys on my single midi keyboard to distribute to their own various tracks in Cubase so that I have separate control over each. It’s a little time consuming so I just made a template that I could use repeatedly.