FX, Group, Automation tracks...

Curious - I don’t see support for these in the VST Transit ‘Features List’ pdf (for Cubase Pro 9). Are they being worked on/considered.? And, does ‘Event Fades In/Out (Straight Line only)’ mean no curves are kept at all (X-fades).?

I have just completed your survey/questionnaire. Sorry, still too easy to zip an entire project and upload to Dropbox or wherever. Need more convincing… :wink:


I would like to know this information as well. As I am considering using VST Transit more often with other users.

Just a list what is shared between users would be enough.
I am using version

Appreciate it.


we are trying to get back more on track with VST Transit. And yes, Dropbox or Zipping is easy. But you need to wait until your buddy is sending you the project back. I’ll keep you in the loop about our next steps.

See you

Would be interesting to know what Steinberg is up to with VST Transit.

Thanks for your reply

I found a list online and have attached it with some info about VST Transit compatibility between users. Hope it may help.

Is there new features for VST Transit on Cubase 11?

Folder Track, fader in/out (not just straight line), automation, group tracks FX, etc

Please more for VST Transit. We need this fully compatible at least between Cubase users.
Is there any news for this part of Cubase?