FX Group Channel (Help ?)

Hi folks,

Been workin’ hard on my Cubase non-stop and just have a nice and quick easy question for you all please. i looked thru the forum (and manual) but could not see it being asked elsewhere though as always i do apologise if i overlooked such a thread.


Is it possible (on Cubase Artist 6) to have all your FX Channels routed to a single Group FX Channel (like you can have Audio, Instrument and Midi Group Channels) ?? It seems to me that all FX Channels are routed straight to the Main Master Fader. i was hoping to be able to route all my individual SEND FX Channels to a Group FX Channel (and then from there route them to the Main Fader). Is this possible please ?? :open_mouth:

Thanks a lot guys…



hi paul ,do you mean rout all your fx channels to a group channel , cause there aint a group fx channel, but you could make one out a normal fx channel by just filling up all the inserts on that fx channel . in cubase 6 you can rout all fx channels to a group, if you cant see the option in the drop down list in the output of the fx channel in artist then no you cant .

Thanks Fire Stamper,

So you can do this in Cubase 6 and (presumably) 7. No, there is no option in the drop-down list in Artist 6 as far as i can see.