FX Modulator/MultiTap Delay - internal effects availability

Make it possible to use any of the effects several times, so however stupid it might look to one, I could use like 5x distortion and 2x phaser etc., just do not limit every effect to be used just once.

That sounds like something that is easier said than done.
Can’t you load up several instances of the plugin if you require more of a particular effect? Or why wouldn’t this work?

Each load of instance of such complex plugin is much heavier on the CPU load than it would be to add what I am suggesting…besides: why it should be “sounds like something that is easier said than done”???

Not necessarily. At least not with a lot of overhead if you disable the unused effect slots.

But why should one doing all that unnecessary stuff just to add another non available small effect??? Tt does not make any sense to me making such “excuses” for “why not”. Sorry, but with such logic I do not understand why there is any progress in Cubase at all actually: we could very easily be doing fine using quantum of such tricks & hacks you are proposing. No, that is wrong: I do not want to disabling anything just to make some tiny internal effect available in the chain, it is ABSOLUTELLY NORMAL in other fx to have the same already used internal effect being available still for the chain, we are not in the 90’s. There is no reason why should it be so hellish unimaginable to implement whatsoever from the programmers side (it happens to be I am one, JAVA tho).

I can’t think of any multi FX plugins where you can duplicate one effect out of several multiple times. But I don’t know them all, so maybe there is.

That’s not what I am saying. Your feature request is perfectly valid. I just think there is a low chance of seeing it implemented since there is already a functional way of accomplishing the same.
I will leave this conversation now.