FX modulator sync to project tempo and automating main parameters

Hey, just upgraded to Cubase 12 and got a couple questions regarding the new FX modulator plugin.

Absolutely love the pitch shifter module. Haven’t found a plugin sounding as good aside from the build in transpose and time stretching stuff. The filterbank / spectrum feature is incredible too! Would be nice to have it as a standalone plugin. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to automate the main parameter of detune and formant? So that you could create interesting pitch shift / formant shift in certain sections of the song.

Also is there a way to sync the LFO tempo of the plugin to the project tempo? It now seems to be going on a random tempo unsynced to anything. I’ve managed to sync it through making a midi track and just repeat a simple note over and over again, but that seems a bit odd for such a simple feature.