FX Modulator vs standalone effects

Just wondering generally seeing that there are characteristic differences between stuff like reverbs like Room works and Raum and compressor differences. How do I know when to use the FX Modulator effects? It just seems like the swiss army knife of effects so I’m confused. It has things like volume LFO’s and and pitch shifting but other than that when would I use say a FX Modulator compressor instead of a standalone one?

FX Modulator uses the same effects as the standalone cubase stock plugins, as far as I know.
You need FX Modulator if you want to shape your effect with an envelope style LFO, that’s the modulator part. So you can do things like ducking with a manual curve on every 1/4-note, or ramp the effect up or down.
The standalone plugins can’t do that, or you would have to use automation.

It’s more like play with sounds and use your ear until it sounds right, as opposed to more technical or clinical approach…

With the pitch shift for example, there is no indication of how many cents or steps/notes that you are shifting.