FX Modulator

Cubase 12 PC/Win 11
Plugin: FX Modulator

This preset curve (4th from the right)
has a double node each at 1/16 and 2/16 (at 1/4 time).

It’s difficult to adjust, at least if the user doesn’t know about the two nodes at both those places. It seems as if moving those nodes horizontally wouldn’t work, but in fact there’s another one right next to them blocking it.

Also the »flip horizontally« function doesn’t give expected results:

Maybe it would be useful to remove the extra nodes in the preset, so it can be adjusted more easily.

Also the one in the bottom right shouldn’t be there.
If all three of those extra nodes are removed, the flip shows a correct result:

In case anyone reads this who knows:
is there a way to adjust the grid? 16/20 is a decent choice, but it could be great to have sliders or something to change the density of the grid horizontally and vertically.

Anyway, i love the plugin so far, it might be a great replacement for XFer’s LFOTool for me with a bunch of extra features.

Another Update:

FX Modulator has a general problem with the order of nodes and dealing with different situations:

When two nodes don’t have any curved lines attached to them on either side, they can’t be moved past one another. Drag one node in the horizontal direction of the other one, it will lock and stay at its horizontal position, keeping the order - also inverting the order correctly after flipping.

If on the other hand nodes have curves next to them (single click on a line attached to the node to convert to a curve), they can be moved past one another, thus switching their order.
Also, if placed on the same horizontal position (via grid lock), they don’t reverse their order correctly when flipping.

In the top example on the left side the nodes at 1/8 should turn up in 3/8 in bottom example (flipped), but there they are not in the right order anymore.

let’s say this is also solved, it’ll probably stay this way.