FX output routing?

Hello. Im using cubase 9.5 pro. I woundering how you route the fx channels. Example. I have 2 vocaltracks i route to a bus VOCALS. I put send from these vocals to a fxchannel where i have a reverb. But from that fx channel. Should i send that one to stereo out or to the vocal bus? Is there advantages to do it eiterway?

Depends if you want anything else to to the same Reverb. Some say it’s best to use the same Reverb for everything (at different levels) to maintain a natural feel and group everything together, in this case you’d want to send it to your master bus or the Stereo bus. Alternatively for more creative use of Reverbs you might want some parts to have different ones.

I usually have my vocal reverb going to my vocal bus with separate Reverbs for other instrument busses. I feel it gives me a bit more flexibility but I think it’s mainly a matter of choice and personal taste.

Both do different things depending on your way of working. Create a setup and try yourself what happens, if you move the different faders, if you’ re not firm enough with the theoretical signal flow.

I second that, it’s really what you are going for.
You could also just add the reverb plugin directly on the vocal bus, or change prefader to post fader.
Main benefit from outputting the fx to the vocal bus, would be that the level of the reverb follows the level of the vocal, when you move the vocal bus fader.
Again no rules here, do what fits the song, and experiment a lot.
Think of the DAW more like an instrument that you play.