FX outputs destination

Where do most people send their FX groups? Direct to Stereo Out? To the Group they are used in? To a dedicated FX group? What’s the most flexible in terms of soloing and mangement in your opinion? Thanks for you time, it’s much appreiated.

It depends.

As an example, suppose that you have a drum reverb set up. You send, say, the snare and toms to that reverb. The drums were recorded, for some reason, without room mics, so you set up a different reverb to mimic the room and send all of the drums to that. You also have a drum group set up and you are using this to apply some bus compression to your drums and maybe some eq, so all of your drum tracks are routed to this group. You decide that you want to apply the processing on the group to your “room” reverb, so you route it to the drum group. You don’t want to apply that processing to the other reverb, so you route it to the stereo out. Or maybe you want to group that reverb with the rest of the drums, but still don’t want it to have the drum group processing applied, so you route both the drum group and the reverb to another group.

As I say, it depends.