FX Pack 1 Delay not syncing

Open Cubasis, add the acoustic piano instrument (or any instrument), create a MIDI file with a few quantized notes in it. Add the FX pack 1 Stereo Delay as an Insert Effect. Choose a 1/4 note delay (or any delay time). Push Play. The delay is flamming, it is not in sync.

Adding the FX Pack 1 Delay as a Send Effect works ok.

The built-in Cubasis Delay flams slightly when used as an Insert Effect, and plays back fine as a Send Effect. The problem is more pronounced with the FX Pack 1 Stereo Delay.

I’ll use delay effects on the Send for now. Thank you for looking into this.

Edit: I have an iPad Air 2. The problem exists when the project settings are 16/44.1 or 24/48. The delay sync problem also occurs using the Kai Aras RP-1 AU delay.