FX packs not showing up?

Hi I recently factory reset my iPad, Ive reinstalled cubasis 2 and have forgotten what I have and haven’t purchased, some FX pack show “brought” and some show “Purchase” but most don’t have these tabs, for example FX pack 1 stereo delay has no buy or purchase tab, when I click on the “restore purchase” tab it says “1 purchase was restored” but I can’t see it available to load in the ready available effects tabs as a usable effect? What am I missing here? Thanks

Hi mustweave,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis offers the option to restore previous purchases via tapping the similar named button in the Cubasis In-App Store.
Making use of this option, please make sure you are logged in with the correct App Store account, used for your purchases.

If the problem persist, it might help to log off from the App Store, and give the iPad a full restart.

Please let me know if it helps to solve the problem.