FX processing in UR44 not working on live input after MacOS Catalina upgrade

I had to update from MacOS 10.11 → 10.15 (Catalina) for my software dev. project. I have been using Cubase Elements 9 LE AI for about 4 years with my UR44.

After running the new “Tools for UR44” (uninstalling first), including the new Yamaha Steinberg driver, restarted Mac —

The first thing I noticed is that the live mic (Stereo 1 Left) is being piped through to output, even though all tracks are in playback-recorded mode. Huh? It affects all 4 inputs…they go straight to output.

I then updated the UR44 Firmware to the latest, but that didn’t fix these problems.

Summarizing, there are 2 problems: Live inputs are being passed through to output regardless of the Cubase track setting (Live/recorded), and the fx are not being applied as specified in the track editor (except when playing back recorded track).

Any ideas? It seems as if the DSP in the UR44 is out of sync with the Cubase. Was I supposed to install a newer Cubase 9 revision? If so, why not block the launch of Elements 9 from an unsupported OS?