FX Returns - Re number or change order in mixer

Is there a way to change the order of FX returns in the Mixer ? I would like to see then all next to each other , but I seem to have then listed on the order I added them.


We have effects Returns now !? :smiley:
I think we only have effects “tracks”. Basically repurposed groups with effects inserted. But I’m not using C12 yet. Real effects returns would be amazing! ( with effects rack like we had back in Cubase Audio VST/32 days.

If you want your effects tracks in a different order on the mixer, open your FX channels folder on the arrange page and drag them in the order you would like them to appear in the mixer.

PS - I’m being snarky about effects returns. Still love my Cubase

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They have the functionality of the FX returns and more.

Ha? Don’t get it. FX tracks do the same with FX automation as an extra…
Oh, don’t forget the ability to add processing to the FX chain… before and after the FX

You can move the FX tracks with the mouse in the track list.
There is a setting on the FX track creation dialog, that allows you to place the FX track in your regular track list with no FX folder.

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