FX routing enigma

Hi all, I am trying to create a special fx feedback loop. The idea is this: I send audio from a source track to 2 mono fx channels, panned wide. I then want to crossfeed between these 2 fx channels. The limitation that Cubase seems to have is that you can only send downstream, meaning I can send from fx channel 1 to fx channel 2, but not from 2 to 1.

For better illustration, the scenario I’m trying to replicate is this:

I have tried replacing the fx channels by group channels, but group channels seem to suffer from the same limitation as fx channels. Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Cubase’s “limitation” is in not allowing you to create an internal feedback loop. This is a feature to protect you from yourself. It will make unavailable any channel or bus that would result in a signal feeding back on itself within the Cubase routing chain.

One workaround would be to send the signal OUTSIDE of Cubase via outputs on your audio interface (set up as an “output” in Cubase’s VST connections), which you would then connect directly to a different set of inputs on your audio interface (set up as an “input” in Cubase’s VST connections), and then back into Cubase’s mixer via an audio channel that you can then route to whatever group or FX channel you want and so on. This would be a little complex both in setting up your gain staging so you control your levels carefully, and in setting up precautions for when things inevitably go wrong. :slight_smile: It would require GREAT CARE, and a clear understanding of exactly what you’re doing.

A lot can go wrong. If it were me, I would certainly keep my main monitor speakers and good headphones FAR away from this set up until I was VERY confident about it, and make sure you brickwall-limit the signal before it reaches anything resembling a transducer. :slight_smile: You could also end up damaging your audio interface inputs / outputs if you’re not careful.

Thank you mister SLD for your informative answer. It does seem rather laborious and perhaps tricky to set up. Still, it is a cool trick and maybe I will try it sometime, now that I know how :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to stay close to the mute buttons once I run sound through the loop hehe