FX sends are only heard in playback

I am using Cubase elements 8. I can hear my fx sends only in play back, not live…why??? Does this feature not work on Elements8?

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “not live”? Do you mean while recording?

Make sure Constrain Delay Compensation is disabled on your system.

Works fine here…I guess you might be direct monitoring and not hearing the signal through Cubase at all??
But hard to say with nothing more to go on. Post some details.

I’ll look into the ’ Constrain Delay Compensation’ and how to turn it off, thanks!

Basically, I use it live in our rehearsal space and sometimes record live off the floor but as i’ve seen in tutorial videos, people have fx turned on and can be heard. So for example, a plain clean giutar into cubase but the output is a distored guitar or flanger or compression

you may be right, is there a way to change this?

…yes, almost certainly but probably not without further details as Grim suggests. What Audio Interface, OS…

I use Cubase elements 8 (This is why I wonder if it’s an ‘elemnets’ issue as if I might need an upgrade).
I use a tascam us-1800 for my audio interface that has both ‘input’ sound output and ‘computer mix’ output and you can mix the two together or keep them seperate. My monitors also are output direct from the tascam with another output to headphone pre-amp, and no FX in either monitors or headphones.
Perhaps I need to make an adjustment in cubase for output to the tascam?

And I believe its cubase elements 8 64G. I use windows 8.1 on a PC with 8G of ram (I will get a new comp soon) but I had the same issue with my prior PC with no ‘live FX’

I’m sure the US1800 will have the ability to disable direct monitoring…check the manual.

You can, I have a US1800, just turn the monitor knob anti-clockwise as far as it will go (I’d forgotten it was there!).

You should be able to use both send and insert FX and hear them whilst recording in Elements (just double checked on Elements LapTop).

Do you have the monitor button (orange speaker like icon) in Cubase active? With this activated and the direct monitoring for the US1800 off (as described above), it should all work.

There it is!!! the bloody orange monitor button haha. I feel silly not kowing that but damn! Thank-you so much for solving this for me. It all works fine now.