FX sends not able to turn up

I am still using Cubase Pro 8 and whenever I make an FX track and try to make a send that links to the FX track the send doesn’t give me the option to turn up the send volume. I even activate the send by pressing the button to the left and it turns blue like it should, but nothing. I don’t understand why suddenly this is happening when I was able to do sends to FX tracks before. I’m wondering if I’m not enabling something right or if I need to update my DAW or something, I haven’t found the answer anywhere. Can somebody help me?


look at the attachments, in the pictures you see that some of the sends are working whereas others are not, this is a couple screenshots of an early project I’m working on. You can clearly see that the sends I have my mouse on are lit as blue but when I’m clicking on them they’re not turning up.

Well I decided to deal with the problem after all it was only occuring in two channels I just didn’t use those channels the rest works just fine I still don’t know what the problem was