FX stuck in sound card

Hi everyone.
First, i want to apologize if its asked but i tried to find a similar post, and i didnt.

I recently bought an UR24C and so i tried to run cubase LE AI Elements 10.5.

What i did is :

Create a project (UR24C Vocal-guitar1)
Tried a distortion fx from the software and then i stopped it.

Since, i litteraly can’t get rid of that FX on my card … even in another computer, even while my PC is rebooting.

I reinstalled the soft but now im unable to recreate the same type of project ( ‘sound card’ - ‘type of usage’ not showing, only basics like metal/rock etc…)

If anyone can help about removing this crappy fx please?

Thx in advance!

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, I’m not sure I do understand your problem really.

Do you want to remove the Insert plug-in? Or do you use the FX of the UR24C DSPFx? Or do you want to create a new project and add this plug-in again but it doesn’t work?