FX Suite - eLicenser/number of licenses

Hi All
I have various UR IO devices. These are used on 2 machines that are networked in the studio. I have used the eLicenser version on one of the daws without issue. Im wanting to use another elicenser on the other daw which is in the live part of the studio and left running during band takes etc. I want to be able to use the REVX during mixdown as a send fx so that the rough mix reflects the feel of what the band was doing.
I have a number of activation codes and I input the second one into the elicenser and it registered but when I go to use the vst version on that daw, it says no version available?? The elicenser shows not license on that reg/daw

  1. How many pcs are allowed to use the single FX Suite vst?
  2. Is there any reason why the second elicenser would not show the fx suite license despite using a different activation code?