FX Tail max. 30 sec?

hi there,

just a question about the max. fx-tail-length… why is this in wavelab limited to 30 sec.?
is there a real reason or can it be set to unlimited if needed?
or is there a workaround to get higher tail-times??

i’m asking because of that i need sometimes more than 30 sec. and can’t do that in wavelab =(

thanks, dany

30 sec was set because I thought nobody would need more. What is your use case?

with long Delay and / or Reverb-Modulations (Soundfx / Sounddesign / Experimental) is 30 sec often not enough…
is there a workaround? or can it be turned off? or is it a major change?
i’m still on wavelab 9.5…

is there a workaround?

The only workaround is to add silence to your audio files.

or can it be turned off?

why, as you want it longer???

is it a major change?

No. I could change this eg. to 1 min in WaveLab 10.0.40 (no more 9.x updates).

turn off was meaned by turn the 30 sec-feature off :wink:

i think don’t limit the max. tail by an fixed value, let the user decide which value is right…

anyway, i would stick with my workaround (using an other tool for long tail-lengths), thanks for wavelab pg, it is a great tool and makes a lot of fun to work with…