I would happily pay a reasonable amount to have FX Teleport working on x64 win7 (and up) with VST3 and other plugins.

This was the best system ever created which required nothing but a simple lan connection and did everything else marvellously.

So many talented programmers out there, surely someone can port this program over or make something similar. All the alternatives like VEP are really expensive but also require so much to make them work and so many windows open etc.

Anyone out there fancies having a go at FX Teleport would have my full respect and appreciation as well as a few of my hard earned ÂŁÂŁ$$ not to mention the fact that a few thousand other ppl would also find this a God send.

I second this proposition. All those in favor say I! :slight_smile: I have VE Pro and I love it when midi is involved. When I want to offload FXs like Waves Nx and/or a reverb Cubase does not cooperate with the audio input plugin by VE Pro. I get pops and crackles with just one audio input plugin for offloading. The guys at VSL say Cubase wants exclusive control of the mix. I am looking to see if there is a solution on the Cubase forums right now.

By the way I just got the VE Pro Audio input to work as an offloading of the Waves Nx headphone monitor. I routed all my busses to a “Tutti” Bus and placed the VE Pro Audio input on the first insert slot. (The following may be important!) The Tutti Bus is routed to No Bus within Cubase because the VE Pro audio input sends the audio externally to VE Pro on a slave machine. VE Pro Server is loaded in Cubase as a rack with the one stereo out I need that I labeled Nx Monitor In. Nx Monitor In is then routed to the Master channel. I do not know if routing individual channels and/or groups to No Bus within Cubase is a key to getting this to work when more complex routing is required and I do not know if the audio input plugin must be in insert slot one. These may be the keys I will try when I get to the adding reverb and delay phase of this mix. I still Like the sound of an FX TeleprtX64 especially if it can make automation seem like my plugin is directly inserted into Cubase.

No one able to do it?

Steinberg could do it. Why they havent is beyond me. Theres a demand for it.

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Yes definitely there is a demand for it, everyone I know in the business have the dream for extra raw processing power at some time or other, I think we ALL do. We all have old unused computers lying around which good be put to good use with an FX Teleport style setup. This would reduce the waste of older machines, reduce the need to go out and upgrade our systems every couple of years (which runs into thousands) and the hassle of having to reinstall everything. Why throw away perfectly usable older machines which can be used efficiently in this type of setup?
Come on Steinberg, you can do this on your next upgrade, you have the technology and the know-how, how hard can it be for you to have this incorporated into Cubase?
I hope you see this post and take seriously the amount of people you will attract by having this in your software, after all…what makes Reaper better than Cubase, and yet they have a similar facility built in!

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I made it to work. :grinning: :grinning: Had the same problem. Solution is real simple. As teleport only supports 32 bit. You need jbridge google it

It will make 64 bit availible as 32 bit. The FX teleport can use it again. Second step
use jbridge convert the 32 bit to a 64 bit. It are a few steps, but i made it work. Works perfect !!!

jbridge kan do translation (Bridge) 64 to 32 and 32 to 64 … It works amazing. So thats how FX teleport will work in a 64 Windows and Cubase 10 pro :wink:

Contact me if you need some help. I can do it remote with a small fee. I am an IT guy as well. :sunglasses: :partying_face:


Yes, FX Teleport works flawlessly under Windows 10 with the earlier mention of 32/64 bit Bridging. But no VST3 support.
I have Audiogridder too but it’s sadly unstable. But it can handle VST3 plugs.

Steinberg REALLY ought to implement this feature in Cubase not needing a second Cubase in another computer running sound through a digital sound connection. Because it’s so incredibly expensive and inflexible.

Steinberg… step up!

Couldn’t agree more, an FX teleport built into Cubase will just propel it into a new dimension. Working on similar spec as FX Teleport using a simple Lan cable and the ability to use our old, unused computers lying around without limit…well, this would change the game. More power, less exense, more creativity, less waste…please Steinberg, it’s about time to get this happening. You have the tech, the knowhow, the ability…let’s get this done!

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This looks like an interesting alternative…


As I mentioned, Audiogridder works but is buggy.

Please can you tell us the main bugs you’ve spotted in audiogridder fella?

Well. the most common issue for me is that it crashes on the server computer, restarts and crashes again… when loading up a saved song.
Not always but, let’s say 50% of the time.

Would you mind telling us the basic specs of your machines?

For example

Intel E2180 CPU 2.0ghz
16mb ram
Windows Vista

i7-4790k CPU 3.0ghz,
32mb ram,
Windows 10

Could it be that your server was not fast / powerful or modern enough?

Or maybe you are using Wi-Fi to connect one or both of the PCs?

If you have both server and client as say, i7s / wired network connections, I don’t think you should be seeing any issues?

My server has:
Intel i7-2600K 3,40GHz-5,9GHz.
16GB ram.
Windows 7 64-bit.

My main has:
i7-4770K 3,5GHz.
16GB ram.
Windows 10 64-bit.

Network through wired gigabit router in the same room.

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Thanks for confirming - your hardware specs / wired connection sound like they should be more than capable.

The last remaining thing I can think of is that it is a single plug in which is not “playing nice”.

I would try and isolate root cause by adding exactly the same ones as used in a “crashy” project.

Add them one by one,
save new project
close new project
reload project.
Repeat until the possible crash culprit is identified.

I know it’s a pain in the neck but probably the only way to work it out from your end.

Other than that perhaps you can send the Developers your specs and crash logs, but a diagnosis may not happen and will certainly take longer

Alternatively, perhaps purchase a cheap additional
licence for a version of Cubase that supports System Link and install on the second PC - that should be more mature and stable by now, right?

It would be valuable if you could let us know how you get on. Wishing you luck mate!

Yeah, I guess I have to try and single out the problematic one. But the sad thing is that it’s probably one of my newest ones…

Buying another Cubase license is out of the question.
It’s economically in defendable comparing to FX Teleport or Audiogridder.
Those actually work inside the DAW you’re working in making use of the inserts and sends in that main environment.


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I wonder where the guys from FX Teleport are these days, if they updated their amazing software it would be a game changer. I would be their first paying customer for this.

However, again I say that Cubase could do this with ease and incorporate it into their software…another game changer and a rise to a new level of Cubase…

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Yes, Cubase can do this but with al LOT of extra work needing to work on 2 different computers that also are not in the same mix/master environment.
You actually need to mix on 2 different computers at the same time.
BIG hassle.
It’s like having 2 different mixing rooms.
Want to master your song?…
Be ready to bounce….
And how much do I need to pay for this CPU-relieving feature?..…

Good morning - you might be misunderstanding me?

I was talking about the special Cubase feature.

It is called “System Link”

I think it might solve your problem, and works with some of the less expensive versions of Cubase for the second computer. (Please see compatibility list in my previous post)

And this description of its functionality…


Has anybody here ever tried System Link?