FX that I can't find

I’ve discovered the ‘Effects’ tab where I can load FX onto buses or the ‘Main’. But many instances of the Flux component have eg a delay and a reverb included; I cannot find these anywhere.

Fortunately in most cases there is a quick control setup for the volume which I can turn to zero; but I know I’ll have an instance where the controls are for different things, or perhaps I want to add some of these FX myself…

I checked the manual and while I found references to the ‘Effects’ tab I couldn’t find the info I was looking for on where the FX for the Flux component are. I must have spent at least an hour already going round in circles :slight_smile: please, someone save my sanity!

There’s that button “Switch off All Insert Effects” which looks like -[]- and appears on a toolbar just above the words “Aux FX 4”.

These are insert effects. Insert effects can’t be edited in Halion Sonic SE unless the preset programmer makes the parameters available in a Quick Control.

The stock presets use effects besides reverb and delay which change their sound greatly. Completely bypassing all effects to get rid of the reverb may not be a good idea.