Fx track follows audiotrack?

Hello guys!
I wonder if there is a way to make the fx track to follow the same volume automation on audio tracks or instrument tracks? Like have them linked to the audio track volume? It would be wery practical when i send fx post and parallel compress!
Now i always have to write the automation on the track and also its fx track…


I’ve been wishing for this feature as well. Though it must be extremely well thought out - a temporay link button for example that ties the automation nodes to the events you are moving 'till you disable it.

FX channels can have sends from any track in the project, so it wouldn’t make sense if Cubase behaved that way by default (means moving any event with an enabled send would move automation on the FX track - no, thanks…).

To answer your question finally: no, it’s not possible at the moment. But automation nodes can be moved by the range tool which makes moves easier and also works on several lanes at once.

Yeah so true.
Would be great if the FX channel or any could follow specific audio or instrument channels automation volume. Or it could be an individual parallel compression button, sort of like the side-chain button? Hope that this a function that will be included in the future!