FX track limit reached - why at 48 and not 64?


I have read and understand the (almost) homonymous post in the cubase forum.
My question is not about work flow or workarounds.

I am setting up a way too big template where I create sub groups that are routed to groups that are routed to their own stem.
Each subgroup has a send to 1 empty fx track that is routed to the same group as the sub group. Each group has a send to 1 empty fx track that is routed to the same stem as the group.
So far, no channel receives more than 1 fx return.

Result: when there are 48 fx channels in total the limit is reached.

Just for my understanding:

  1. is it important that all tracks are stereo?
  2. Is it important that some fx tracks are indirectly fed by other fx channels?
    First reason to ask is curiosity.
    Second reason: maybe my understanding will guide me to a smarter use of the fx resources.

Thank you for any clarification.

I know you just want an answer to your maximum FX channel question. I don’t have that answer.

But this sounds like a complicated way of doing something that could probably be done more simply. What is your objective with this template? (If you want to talk about it.)

Hi Graveley,
Thank you for your reaction.
I installed the opus ho diamond template by pound sound and started to add my other instrument groups. I would like to complete the set up with the maximum number of fx channels. All tracks start as disabled. When using in a new project I could selectively enable tracks and also selectively delete fx tracks. I would then have maximum flexibility.
Of course I can define a template with no or few fx tracks and then add when needed.
Or …. etc etc etc.
No problem.
Just curious why I cannot get the promised 64 tracks.