FX Track Presets

I don’t know why I’m having such trouble, what I thought should be easy but … I have 4 FX channels which I want to save as a track preset. Can I save the 4 tracks together, and then import them into a new project? Can someone guide me the steps to do it? I treid to do it, marked the 4 FX tracks, saved as track preset, and I can see it in Media Bay- but I just cannot get it to import. Must be missing an easy step somewhere?

Pretty sure a track preset is for a single track only.

Here’s one method.

Highlight the tracks you want saved
File menu/Export/Selected tracks - Name it

In new project
File/Import/Track Archive - Select the previously saved file

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I deal with this by using the “export tracks” command in the file menu. Then use import tracks, which gives you the option to import some or all of the tracks, works with both FX and instrument tracks.

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Thanks - these both work.