Fx track routing

Hi so I’m wondering why if i make an FX track i can’t route it to any existing group like one i made for my drums, but i can select certain tracks including FX tracks and group them together through a new group, is this just an oversight and should i be able to see a group on the output of the FX track?

Also i don’t seem to be able to route VST instruments to groups either where do i assign a group output for a VST?


Depends on the used software and the exact routing

In the output routing area in the inspector. Might again depend on if you are using the rack or instrument tracks. Always a good idea to provide useful information…

Well I’m using Cubase 10 artist I would have assumed the routing would be the same for Arist, pro and the more basic version sorry my bad.

So for the FX I’ve already made a Group track that i routing my drums to. Next step is i’ve made a FX track that i’m using to parrell process my kick, however when i try to route that FX track to the “Drum - Group” Its not showing up, however, if i highlight the Kick and the FX Kick tracks it does seem to allow me to make a new Group and assign both of these outputs to it, so i could redo the first drum group and redo all that i guess but i don’t really want to i’d rather just have the option to assign the new FX Kick Parelell processing track to existing group, is this possible?


edit - Ok so i found where to route the VST outputs to a drum group

In the existing drum group, are there any sends routed to the FX channel? If so that will prevent the FX output from being routed into that group channel. This is done to prevent feedback loops from being created (even if the send is deactivated). You must set the send to “No Bus” to remove that restriction.

I’ve gone through this and basically FX channels (even newly made ones with no sends/returns etc) cannot be routed through a group from the FX channel output menu (they just don’t show groups on the outputs. However if i use the “add track - Group selected channels” then I’m able to route the FX channel through a group. I just don’t understand why the output menu isn’t showing the groups (regardless of whether they have any sends or not).

I’m unable to reproduce the problem in Cubase 10 Pro, and it doesn’t seem likely that this is an intended imitation for Artist. I could be wrong though; I’m not familiar with the details of the differences between editions.

If you can come up with a set of steps that reliably reproduce this behavior, then maybe you could post it here and have a mod move this thread to the Issues subforum.

  1. New Track (empty)

  2. Add Track Audio Track (kick)

  3. Add Track FX track (VERB)
    4 Add Track Group (Grp1)

  4. Choose Audio track - go to outputs - route to (Grp1) - all is fine

  5. Choose FX track (Verb) - go to outputs - no Grp1 showing

However if i do this

  1. New Track (empty)
  2. Add TrackAudio Track (kick)
  3. Add TrackFX track (VERB)
    4 “Add Group Track (Grp1) to selected channels” and I highlight (Kick+VERB) then both are routed at the output stage to (Grp1)

So I can acheieve this however the track I’m trying to do this on is already half mixed i surely should just be able to see the Groups on the output of
any FX channel (unless maybe like you stated about the sends) but as you can see by my list here i’m not seeing the groups on FX channel outputs on new and empty track with nothing assigned anywhere.

If you follow my first list in PRO and choose the outputs you see the Grp1(or whatever you named it obviously?

It works fine for me in Pro. Group tracks show up in the FX track output menu and in the send menu.

Ok so i’m looking at the comparison chart between artist and Pro and “Direct Routing” is listed I mean bleh.

edit - The description for Direct Routing is as follows though

Direct Routing (Cubase Pro only)
The Direct Routing rack allows you to set and activate outputs for all selected channels at once

As I’m not trying to select more than one channel at once i’m still seeing this as a Artist bug?

Can another artist owner check whether you can follow the above steps and see groups in the output list?


Can´t try it with Artist, but it seems to be an oversight that was introduced with the new Mixer and the new options for it.
In Cubase Elements / Essentials, routing FX tracks to groups has never been possible to at least version 6, yet the “trick” you describe is now also possible with Cubase Elements.

So can this be looked over by a Dev so we can get an answer as to whether this should be moved to issue/bug status how does that work?


I’m on Cubase 10 Pro, same issue, no group option on FX tracks.

Then you have a potential feedback-loop routing

Or using an old template or project. (before v9 or v8 I think it was not possible to route fx to groups)
Also: you have to create groups before you create fx. Otherwise the option is not available and will stay unavailable is my experience.

It was.

You don’ t have to.