FX with sync parameter turned ON is not synchronzed to tempo

I’ve got 2 chopper Fx in different slots.
One of them is synchronized to the project tempo ( LFO is set to synch 4/4 ) another doesn’t (LFO animated manually).
Each of them are turned on/of separately (bypass animated On or Of). Kind a wobbler FX.
Once animated chopper is turned on - synchronized chopper is turned of (bypass) and vice-versa .

I’ve got a big problem!
I hit play Button once - chopper with sync 4/4 is synchronized to project tempo. I hit play again from the same point and this chopper is unsynchronized.
And it’s phase are different each time, while sync 4/4 still turned on.
I forced to hit play several times to get chopper playing synchronized to the project tempo even with sync button turned on.
My mind is blown away!!! -__-

If there is no any animation of any parameters - chopper working well…
How can I force synchronized chopper to be synchronized each time I hit PLAY button?
If there is any global sync parameter?

It looks like a really BIG GLITCH ((((
I cant finish my project because of a glitch instead of needed tempo.

Thank you.

I was having a sync problem with either the Tranceformer or Metalizer (can’t remember which one). I found that if I always start playing from the start of a bar, it would be in sync. My workaround was to keep the snap on (on “bar”) and that way when I click on the ruler I always get a point at the start of a bar. I also have a similar problem with the apregiator if I start in the middle of a bar, it will be out of sync. I think those plug-ins are somewhat old and probably just have not been kept up with through the changes in Cubase versions, VST specificatons, etc.