Can I ask what driver version users of NVIDIA Quadro FX3800 are using?

Still having issues with one PC with that card installed and running Cubase Pro 8.03. It’s been an issue with it since CP8 was released. The audio plays for a few seconds and then stutters, freezes and hangs for a few seconds before kicking in again.


Specific reasons to use a quadro? These are precision GPU cards, intended for CAD design for constructions and industry, where one millimeter difference means the bridge will collapse, or not. I suspect that such card is lacking the performance oompf to actually handle real time events, even Win aero rendering, at optimal speed, hence the stuttering etc.

Did you try a cheap Nvidia Geforce card, or even ATI? Gaming cards handle real time applications, such as CB, much better, as they are build for performance instead of precision.


I suspect that either your understanding of computer graphics is seriously flawed or you have a REALLY dry sense of humour.

Brain fart on my end, could have made my post more questioning and less definitive… Checked the specs of the 3800, pretty hefty… I have some older Quadro’s and a more recent Firepro here for compatibility checks, which do work, but with much lower performance (fps) then gaming cards… hence my (faulty?) theory… This being said, the check with another card/ driver still stands, as this can verify if the issue is indeed the driver or another component.

Unless that is also considered not helpful, in which case I will now roll up under my desk in a fetal position… crying myself to sleep :unamused:


I bought the card around 3 to 4 years ago to run Premiere Pro etc (recommended by Adobe).

Never had a problem running any version of Cubase until 8 came out.

Now, Cubase Pro 8 simply won’t run on this machine. I don’t mean it won’t open. I can operate Cubase without an issue until I try to play a project even with just one stereo audio track - even with no effects applied.

So, I believe (guessing) it’s a driver issue. I read somewhere recently that the card doesn’t cooperate with Cubase with the recent drivers. But I can’t find out which driver to use. The Nvidia forum suggests it’s a Cubase issue. I’m not convinced on that because, despite Cubase 7 etc running fine with no issue, it doesn’t now after driver updates.

So, that’s why I’m asking specifically those users who have the card, what driver are you using?


Sorry never meant to upset you.

This is what I read on the Nvid forum.