FX8350 ... an upgrade to Ryzen 3600 ...should i?

Windows 10 and Cubase pro 10.5
Here I would like to assemble a machine based on Ryzen but my budget does not allow me to go beyond the Ryzen 5 3600 ‘6 cores’ … At the moment I am on a FX8350 (8 cores), 16gb ram and SSD … Everything is fine because I do not use more than twenty (25) tracks. I do Rock.
But some plugins sting my CPU (peak) and I stall … so I have to choose wisely which plugins to use with the FX8350.
I wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the Ryzen ?!
:question: Does anyone still use the FX8350 for Cubase 10 or 11?
:question: And what is the maximum tracks that the FX can offer?
Here is my future machine and your suggestions are welcome … at the end of the week or at the beginning of the week I should place the order on Amazon …
:eight_spoked_asterisk:Here is my next budget mount:
:wavy_dash:Gigabytes B550 Aorus pro-p (supposedly there is a problem with the Realtek Lan port (dropout) ???,
:wavy_dash:AMD Ryzen 3600,
:wavy_dash:WD SN750 Black SSD m.2 Gen3, WDS500G3X0C
:wavy_dash:Crucial Ballistik 3200 (2x8) gb Red BL2K8G32C16U4R
:wavy_dash:Patriot Viper Steel 3200 (2x8) gb PVS416G320C6K
I will use my old Cooler Master Ultra (2003-2005) box, my R7-260X card and a Corsair (2013) CX600M PSU to finish it off & this with Cubase pro 10.5 … with maybe an upgrade to v11 !
For me if there is no real great differences between the FX & the Ryzen i will stay with my FX because it’s a question of budget !
Thank you

I went from a Phenom II to a Ryzen 1700 and the difference was pretty significant. I would imagine that if you go from the FX to a Ryzen 3xxx-series you would see an equally significant improvement.

Remember that the FX series CPUs, as far as I recall, aren’t really “true” 8-core CPUs. They have 8 integer execution units but only 4 floating point ones, if memory serves me. So a 6-core last-gen AMD CPU should do much better I would think.

You can do a search on “Sound On Sound” for “DAWbench” which is a test for DAW use on CPUs. It’ll let you know the relative performance of that CPU to other ones of the same generation or two. There’s one test for DSP (insert effects) and another one for VST instruments (# of voices). If you wanted to try to see how much of an improvement you’d see you could maybe dig into the archives at Scanproaudio instead (same test) and find the FX if it’s there and see what the % improvement is from one generation to the next. But like I said, I really think you should see a significant improvement. Of course the latest generation would be better but if you’re on a budget it is what it is.

Also, post in this thread what you’re looking to get and you’ll likely get someone to respond with some decent info:

The “today we build our studio pc” thread - Page 452 - Gearslutz

Thanks Matthias … i made the order on Amazon a few days ago … i still wait the delivery !
The 3600 was my only choice … a 8 cores was the way to go for me But on budget we can’t do everything we want !
I also chosen the MasterBox Q300L (mATX case)… the EVGA B5 550 Bronze plus as PSU (release in 2020) & changed my memory to Viper patriot steel DDr4 16gb (2x8) … but i will not be able to upgrade Cubase from v10.5 to v11 …