FXB bank previewer

Hello. I’m a beginner programmer with loads of Sylenth1 FXB files on my PC. I came up with an idea to try to make my life easier by not having to scour through hundreds of banks for a single preset - a FXB previewer.

I used C# for this as I’m not really familiar with C++ (just downloaded the VST3 SDK to try it out). I encoded a sample FXB as a text, put it in a string and had it print out to the console. My problem is that the oscillator, FX and filter parameters are encoded as well and the final string is a mess. Here’s an image:

Underlined in red: LennarDigital’s file header (?)
Underlined in blue: preset name (which I want to keep)
Underlined in yellow: osc/FX/filter parameters (which I want to discard from the string)

My goal is this:

Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 4
Preset 5

What I want to achieve is:

  1. Read the FXB file
  2. Encode it to ASCII (or a similar format)
  3. Delete the parameters, keep the preset names
  4. Display the preset names from the final string

Here’s the C# code I wrote:

byte[] arr = File.ReadAllBytes(Properties.Resources.pointer); /* pointer is a string in the solution's
resources I used to point to the external FXB file for testing */
    System.Text.ASCIIEncoding enc = new System.Text.ASCIIEncoding();
    string fstr = enc.GetString(arr);

I used various methods to get rid of the “???”, “&I&I” and other random nonsense, but at almost always ended up deleting characters from the preset name as well.

I’m at a total loss. Can anyone guide me to the right path?

Ask the developers of Sylent if they want to share their internal format with you. Otherwise you have to reverse engineer it, which is not trivial for a newbie.

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Thanks for the reply! I will head over to LennarDigital to ask them.